Brad Barron, Owner

Brad first came to the home improvement space in 2018 after returning from a deployment to the Horn of Africa with the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Arkansas Army National Guard. In his first job back, he worked for a major orange-colored home improvement store selling gutters, siding, windows, roofing, and insulation to homeowners. Since then, he's done a number of things in and out of the industry including storm restoration roofing in four different states, attending language school for Modern Standard Arabic, and instructing on a contract for Joint Special Operations Command at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Brad is married to his gorgeous wife, Katy, and has two kids, a dog, and two cats. He served 16 years in the Army and separated as a qualified Civil Affairs officer at the rank of major in 2022. Brad is passionate about the smallest of details and can often be seen driving the team just a bit crazy ensuring that everything is just right for our customers.

Sean Winke, Owner

Sean has years of all sorts of construction and sales experience. On any given day, he can be found slinging roofing, solar, gutters, and more to homeowners and investors across central Arkansas. Sean served in the Arkansas Army National Guard where he met Brad as a young specialist under Brad's first company command. Sean is a recovering drug addict and is passionately active in the recovery community in Arkansas. He can often be found at events and meetings talking with other folks in recovery and sharing his story.

Sean has two daughters and a son, and Rico the dog, who keeps him on his toes.

Katy Barron, Customer Success Leader

Brad's wife, Katy, keeps things going around here. She is also a licensed real estate agent-in case you are looking.

Katy grew up in Bryant, Arkansas and has spent most of her life here other than when the Army sent she and Brad off to far-flung locals for schools and active duty assignments.